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Department of Surgery

It includes Division of general surgery (digestive surgery), pediatric surgery, and breast surgery. Nowadays, the staff doctors are a president, three directors who conduct the each division, and three chief surgeons (Table 1). Except these senior doctors, about 10 young surgeons and 2 to 5 residents are co-working together every days and nights for inhabitants.
The number of surgery are over 2000 per year, in especially we have performed 161 operations against gastric cancer, 332 against colorectal cancer, and 152 for hepato-pancreato-biliary malignancies per each year. Our department is one of the famous high-volume center of the gastroenterologic surgery in Japan and so called "Hepato-pancreato-duodenectomy", which is the challenging operation for far advanced biliary malignancy still now, has been done safely and achieved 50% at 5-year survival in cholangiocarcinomas. We performed this drastic surgery about 50 cases between 1994 and 2012.
Since 2008, laparoscopic surgeries for digestive disease are preferably performed in our department to decrease the patient's complaints and also to enhance the recovery of the patients after surgery (ERAS) and these minimum invasive surgeries go on increasing year after year (See Table 2).
Our policies are;
To make aware of "The needs of the patients come first".
To avoid the needless examinations and unnecessary longer hospitalization.
To aim early treatment for the emergent patients under the common consciousness that the best strategy are derived from the cooperation of every medical staff.

Table 1. Staff Doctors

Present Post,
Graduated School of Medicine
Yuji Kaneoka, MD President,
Nagoya University school
Hepato-pancreato-biliary Surgery with Vascular reconstruction
Tohru Harada, MD Director of Pediatric Surgery, Nagoya Univ. School Pediatric surgery
Keitaro Kamei, MD Director of Breast Surgery, Yamanashi Univ. School Breast cancer, Chemotherapy
Atsuyuki Maeda, MD Director of Surgery,
Nagoya Univ. School
Hepato-pancreato-biliary Surgery, Laparoscopic Surgery
Yuichi Takayama, MD Chief of Surgery,
Nagoya Univ. School
Laparoscopic Surgery
Yasuyuki Fukami, MD Chief of Surgery,
Mie Univ. School
Digestive Surgery
Takamasa Takahashi, MD Chief of Surgery,
Nagoya Univ. School
Digestive Surgery

Table 2. Selected Annual Surgery

Gastrectomy 161(78))
Colectomy 175(72)
Rectal resection 157(59)
Esophagectomy 13(13)
Mastectomy 164
Pancreatoduodenectomy 43(10)
Distal Pancreatectomy 21(8)
Liver resection 88(37)
Cholecystectomy 299(209)
Inguinal Hernia(Adult) 261(126)
Inguinal Hernia(Child) 72
Ileus 87(4)

 The parenthesis indicates the laparoscopic surgery.