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First-time Patients

Reception(Patient registration)

  1. Check in at the First Visit Reception Counter; fill in the medical treatment application and present your medical insurance certificate.
  2. Files of clinical record sheets called Shinryotsuzuri and Gairai Passport(Outpatient's Passport) will be handed to you.
  3. Present the Shinryotsuzuri at the reception desk of the department you go to.
  4. Please wait, with your Outpatient's Passport, until your waiting number is displayed on the screen in the waiting area of the department.

※Gairai Passport(Outpatient's Passport) is a paper on which your waiting number, information of the department you will consult with and the places where your examinations will take place are recorded. The paper needs to be submitted at the Check-out Counter. Please keep it with you until you have finished paying.

Calling patients in waiting area


Patients will be called by displaying the patient's waiting number on screen in the waiting area of each department. When your number is displayed on a display board, please come into the consultation room with your Outpatient's Passport.

※In principle, we do not call out patients' names except for patients at Ophthalmology or in cases where we absolutely need to.
Please confirm if the number printed on your Outpatient's Passport is displayed on the number display board.

Consultation Room

According to the symptoms and the condition of the patient, the doctor will give instructions concerning medication and examinations, which will be input and recorded in a computer.
The doctor will take care of the booking of your follow-up consultation. Your appointment will be printed on the bills.

Reception of Examinations

For patients who need to have an X-ray taken, an ultrasonic examination (both on the basement floor), or a blood test (at the Central Examination Room), numbered tickets will be given at the reception desk of each examination room. When your number is displayed on the electronic display board, please go into the examination room.

Check-out Counter

  1. After receiving medical care or being examined, please submit your Outpatient's Passport at the Check-out Counter, either on the ground floor or the second floor.
  2. An accountant will give you an invoice attached to a medicine ticket and reservation sheet. Please submit the bill at the Cashier.


When your medicine is ready at the Pharmacy, the number printed on your medicine ticket will be displayed on the electronic board.
※You should talk to the doctor during your consultation, if you wish to get your medicine at an external pharmacy.