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Hospital Fees

Payment of hospital fees

  • Monthly payment during hospital stay:
    A bill for monthly hospital fees is issued on the 9th of the following month. Please submit payment at the Cashier on the First Floor of the Ward 1 Building by the due date.
    (Please come to the Cashier in the afternoon, because the floor is busy with outpatients in the morning.)
  • Payment of fees at the discharge from hospital:You will be given a bill either at the patient's room or at the Iji-ka(Medical Affairs Division) on the First Floor of the Ward 2 Building. Please complete payment at the Cashier during the hours of 8:30~17:15, or at the After-hours Reception Desk after 17:15.

Payment by credit card

  • You can pay the hospital fees by credit card (Visa, Master Card, AMERICAN EXPRESS, JCB, Diners Club, Discover) at the Iji-ka, at the Check-out Counter on the First Floor or Second Floor of the Ward 1 Building, and at the After-Hours Reception Desk.

Consumption Tax

  • The room charge for special rooms, issuance of documents(medical certifications, etc), and telephone charges are subject to consumption tax. Certain medical care services during childbirth are also subject to consumption tax.

Special Room Charge

Room type Room charge for one day Amenities Number of rooms
Special A 9,936yen Bathroom and toilet, kitchen with refrigerator, telephone, closet, television electric bed, bed side table, a sofa and table for visitors, wall clock, microwave oven, two stools 12 rooms
Room A 5,508 yen Toilet, washstand, locker, electric bed, telephone, bed side cabinet with television, refrigerator, wall clock, a sofa and table for visitors, two stools 20 rooms
Room B 4,968 yen Toilet, washstand, telephone, locker, electric bed, bed side cabinet with television (to use by prepaid card), refrigerator, sofa bed for visitors, one stool 143 rooms
Room C 3,348 yen Telephone, locker, electric bed, bed side cabinet with television and refrigerator, (to use by prepaid card), one stool 87 rooms
Room D 2,808 yen 3 rooms

※The day of admission and the day you leave hospital are both counted as one day.
※Patients may have to change rooms during their hospital stay, according to the condition of the patients or doctors' instructions.

Calculation of hospital charge

  • The diagnosis procedure combination (DPC) is used to calculate hospitalization costs in the general medical ward.
  • The DPC(Diagnosis Procedure Combination) system, different from the conventional fee-for-service scheme, is a method to calculate medical service fees by combining a per-diem medical service fee designated by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare and a fee-for-service system. However, all the medical care services for inpatients are not covered under this calculation method. Also, hospital fees for patients who are hospitalized over a certain period of time need to be calculated by the conventional fee-for-service scheme.
  • Ogaki Municipal Hospital offers both medical and dental services. Accordingly, medical costs for patients hospitalized in the medical department who received dental treatment, and medical costs for patients hospitalized for dental treatment who received medical treatment, will pay outpatient costs separate from inpatient medical costs.
    • Medical treatment refers to all diagnosis and treatment excluding oral surgery.
    • Dental treatment refers only to oral surgery.

Certificate of Eligibility for Limited Payments (a program that can reduce payment at the hospital)

People under the age of 70 who have received expensive medical treatment can apply for the high-cost medical care benefit program and be reimbursed for the amount exceeding the personal responsibility limit, but considerable treatment expenses must be provided for.
By presenting a Certificate of Eligibility for Limited Payments at the hospital, the payment made to the hospital can be limited to the personal responsibility limit.
A personal responsibility limit has already been set for those over the age of 70, but those qualifying as low-income may have their personal responsibility limit reduced by presenting Certificates of Eligibility for Limited Payments and Certificates of Reduced Standard Contributions to the hospital.


Contacts for application submissions and inquiries

Subscribers to health insurance associations and mutual benefit associations

Labor union office at place of employment

Subscribers to the National Health Insurance Association

Association branches

Subscribers to national health insurance, Late-stage Elderly Medical Care Insurance Municipal national insurance officers


Personal Responsibility Limits

  • The personal responsibility limit is calculated based on the income category as determined by the insurance association or municipal national insurance officers who review the application.
  • Food expenses and personal expenses (special room fees, document fees, etc.) are not included in medical costs.
Persons under the age of 70
Income category Personal responsibility limit for medical costs (monthly amount) *In the event of frequent application
A \252,600 + (Medical costs - \842,000) × 1% \140,100
B \167,400 + (Medical costs - \558,000) × 1% \93,000
C \80,100 + (Medical costs - \267,000) × 1% \44,400
D \57,600
E \35,400 \24,600

*Patients who have received high-cost medical care benefits three times or more during the past 12 months meet the criteria for frequent application, and the personal responsibility limit will be reduced from the fourth application.

(Calculation example) In the case of a patient under the age of 70 with medical costs of \1 million who is responsible for paying 30% of his/her medical costs to the medical institution.

★Case in which a Certificate of Eligibility for Limited Payments is not presented
Personal responsibility: \300,000 (\1,000,000 × 30%)

☆Case in which a Certificate of Eligibility for Limited Payments is presented
Personal responsibility: \87,430 [\80,100 + (\1,000,000-\267,000) × 1%]
The payment to the hospital is reduced by \212,570 compared to the case in which the Certificate of Eligibility for Limited Payments is not presented.

Persons age 70 or older

Please confirm your personal responsibility limit with the Medical Affairs Division or the insurance association/ municipal national insurance officers responsible for reviewing your applications.

Submission instructions

  • Please present your Certificate of Eligibility for Limited Payments to the Medical Administration Division on the first floor of Ward 2 Building.
  • Please present your insurance card, medical care certificate for the elderly, and Certificate of Eligibility for Limited Payments every month.

Points to keep in mind

  • Please apply for the Certificate of Eligibility for Limited Payments as soon as you can because the certificate is to be issued within the month when you have submitted an application.
  • Please note that you will be eligible from the month that the certificate is submitted to the Medical Administration Division.
  • The hospital calculates a separate personal responsibility limit for inpatient treatment and outpatient treatment, and medical care and dental care.