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Notes for patients and families

It is the primary duty of all hospital staff members to do our best to ensure the recovery of patients. Therefore, we will not accept any gifts from patients or their families.

Identification wrist band

  • Inpatients will be given a hospital identification wristband that has your name, the date of birth, gender, blood type and other personal information on it. Please wear the wrist band during your entire stay, for the purpose of preventing any medical accident and enforcing safety in hospital.

Nursing and attending inpatients

  • Inpatient care is provided by our professional staff on a 24-hour basis, seven days a week. No attendant is required, unless approved by your physician. If a family member of patient wishes to attend to him/her, please talk to the floor nurse at the Nurse's Station.


  • Meals for inpatients are all prepared at the hospital, with every meal prepared according to the patient's condition and by doctor's instructions. Therefore inpatients are to refrain from eating food other than hospital meals.
    Patients without any dietary restriction have menu options for breakfast and lunch on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.
  • Meal Time: breakfast at 8:00, lunch at 12:00, dinner at 18:00
  • Every meal costs about 260 yen. 20 yen is charged for selecting a meal from among available options.


  • Our hospital supplies basic futons(coverings) and blankets. We ask patients to bring their own pajamas/Japanese nemaki and proper gowns to wear in the hospital. If it is hard for patients to prepare clothes, rental in-patient clothes are available (70 yen a day).

General Counseling (yorozu sodan) and Regional Coordination Division

  • Our hospital has a general counseling office where patients and families can consult with the staff about any problems concerning the hospital stay or life after leaving the hospital, payment of medical treatment bills, or issues related to the welfare system or benefits. We strictly observe patient confidentiality to guarantee our clients' privacy. Feel free to talk to staff at the General Counseling and Regional Coordination Division on the First Floor of the Ward 2 Building.

Visiting hours: 1:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

  • Visiting patients other than on the above mentioned hours is strictly prohibited, in order to maintain an environment for clinical treatment, examinations and to ensure patients can rest.
  • When the "No Visitors Allowed" sign is displayed in front of a patient's room, do not enter the room. Inquire at the Nurse's Station about the patient's condition.
  • Do not stay in a patient' room for extended hours and do not visit with small children, especially in the pediatric ward, the respiratory medicine ward, the maternity ward, and the hematology ward.
  • Please do not visit patients if you have a cold or if there is a possibility that you have an infectious disease.

Calling patients via telephone at the Nurse's Station:
1:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

  • Calling patients via the hospital telephone might not be possible due to their conditions even during the allowed time.

Use of mobile phone

  • The use of mobile phones is allowed only in the designated areas, at the Telephone Corner on the ground floor and in the Day Room on each floor.
  • Also refrain from using mobile phones after lights-out; if you must used only in silent mood.

International calls

  • You can make international calls at the payphone near the Cashier on the First Floor. It requires 100 yen coins.

Keeping of your cash/valuables (be cautious of thieves)

  • Please make sure you keep your valuables in the safe installed in every patient room, or always keep them with you to prevent theft.

Consultations with other medical institutions

  • If you need to consult with other medical institutions during your hospital stay, talk to your physician or your nurse.

ATM(Automated Teller Machines)

  • 1F of the Ward 1 Building: Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank, Juroku Bank, Ogaki Shinkin Bank, JA Nishimino
    Service Hours: 9:00 a.m.~7:00 p.m.
  • 2F of the Ward 1 Building: Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank
    Service Hours: 9:00 a.m.~6:00 p.m. on weekdays


  • Coin operated washing machines/dryers are available on each floor. Please do not hang your laundry in patient rooms to dry.
  • The use of laundry machines is strictly limited to the hours of 7:00 a.m. to 8:00p.m.

The Use of Electric Appliances

  • Refrain from using electric appliances with an output exceeding 200 watts, e.g. electro-magnetic cookers, coffee maker, etc.
  • A microwave oven is available on each floor.(Free of charge to use).

《The use of television/refrigerator》

  • Fees for the use of the television and refrigerator in Special Room A/Room A are included in the room charge.
  • A fee for the use of the refrigerator in Room B is included in the room charge.
  • Every room other than Special Room A/ Room A is equipped with a television and a refrigerator to use by inserting a prepaid card.
    (A 1,000 yen prepaid card has 1,000 credits for approx. 63.5 hours use of the TV. When you want to use the refrigerator, push the button one time, and the refrigerator will stay on for 24 hours, consuming 100 credits of the card.)
  • You can purchase a prepaid card from the card vending machines installed in the Day Room on each ward floor and in front of the Hospital Shop on the First Floor of the Ward 2 Building.
  • You can refund unused credits of the prepaid card from the card cashing machine installed in the Day Room on the Third Floor of the Ward 3 Building and in front of the Security Guard Room on the First Floor of the Ward 1 Building.


  • Ogaki Municipal Hospital enforces a no smoking policy on the premises (including the parking and the entrance area)


  • Call the Nurse's Station in the case of an emergency.
  • Follow the instructions from the hospital staff when we evacuate.
  • Please confirm the evacuation route and emergency exit displayed in every patient room.
  • When an earthquake of the Japanese seismic scale 3 or more is expected, an announcement will be broadcasted throughout hospital.

Day Leave/ Staying Out Overnight from the Hospital

  • Leaving the hospital during the day or staying out overnight requires the doctor's permission. If you need to leave the hospital for some reason, please talk to your floor nurse at the Nurse's Station.

Medical Certificate

  • If you need a medical certificate, you can receive one by doing the following.
Inpatients: Talk to your doctor and fill out an application at the Nurse's Station.
Please note that some descriptions of ongoing medical treatment cannot be completed during your hospitalization.
Patients discharged from hospital: Please apply for a medical certificate at the reception desk of the department you have consulted with.

Other Notes

  • Do not make loud noises in the wards, including in patient rooms, hallways, lavatories, and washrooms, day or night, as patients need to have quiet rest.
  • Use earphones while watching TV or listening to the radio. Pay attention to the volume so as not to disturb other patients, especially if you share the room with other patients. You can buy earphones at the hospital shop. Please do not use the television or radio after the lights out (9:00 p.m.).
  • Do not put items on the eaves, on the bay window, or on the veranda of the hospital building as it is dangerous.
  • For the sake of safety, do not open the windows of patient rooms.
  • If you see a suspicious person, immediately report it to the hospital staff, or to the security guard.